Residential Programme - Dandi, Navsari

Gahan Dhyan Anushthan needs no introduction. It’s that time of year we all wait for the rest of the year. As we all know, Gahan Dhyan Anushthan 2023 is going to begin from 4th January 2023 and last till 18th February 2023. Since so many people want to live in the close and divine proximity of Sadguru Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji during Anushthan, we are elated to introduce the Gahan Dhyan Anushthan 2023 Residential Programme at Gurutattva Ashram – Dandi, Navsari.

In this programme, people from across the world will be able to stay at Gurutattva Ashram – Dandi and perform their Sadhna in the divine proximity of Swamiji. This time, there are no barriers of Sadhak and Non-sadhak as well. Even those seekers who want to kickstart their spiritual journey would be able to register and stay for the entire 45 days at the Gurutattva Ashram.

To provide all the seekers with a comfortable stay at the Ashram, we are delighted to announce Gurutattva’s first tent city – ‘Guru Gram’.

Guru Gram is a unique village full of bliss that has been developed at Gurutattva Ashram – Dandi, Navsari. It has been designed to in such a way so that the seekers don’t have to juggle around for their daily chores. Guru Gram will ensure that seekers focus on their Sadhna and experience the utmost bliss during the Gahan Dhyan Anushthan 2023.   

Guru Gram

Guru Gram consists of 3 different types of Kutirs / Tents,

  • Moksha Kutir (10 people in a Tent)
  • Ananda Kutir (4 people in a Tent)
  • Shunya Kutir (2 people in a Tent)

Each Kutir have something different to offer but they all are equipped with basic amenities to help you with your routine chores.

Keeping the pendamic restrictions in mind, we have thoughtfully kept the space in between beds to maintain social distancing. That’s the reason all the Kutir will operate at half of its original capacity during Gahan Dhyan Anushthan 2023.

Amenities of Guru Gram:

  • Stretegic layout to avoid too much crowd.
  • Dedicated washrooms for a group of Kutir.
  • Dedicated cloth drying ropes for a group of Kutir.
  • Free Satvik Meals along with breakfast and evening snacks.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee twice a day.
  • Dedicated meditation halls for a group of Kutir.
  • 24*7 Library Access.
  • Dedicated event ground for the group activities, satsang, bhajan sandhya and gathering.
  • A dedicated food court to occassionally satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Laundry service (Add on)
  • Curated daily activities to put a smile on your face and enhance your spiritual state.

Moksha Kutir - ₹500 PPPD

The entry level residence suitable for everyone who wants to socialize and experience the true meaning bliss. You’ll be well accommodated in a spacious tent with the capacity of 10 members. Don’t worry about a comfy bed and mattress! It’s on us. Having a large gang? Go for the Moksha Kutir.


  • A clean bed with mattress, pillow and blanket.
  • Fully ventilated and waterproof tents.
  • Proper distance in between beds.
  • Dedicated charging socket.

Ananda Kutir – ₹750 PPPD

Looking for a cosy space to spend 45 golden days of your life with a small group of friends? Ananda Kutir is the perfect choice for you. You’ll get a spacious tent with the capacity of 4 members and unlimited bliss, that’s our promise! Of course, don’t worry about bed, mattress or pillow, we’ve got you covered there. 


  • A clean bed with mattress, pillow and blanket.
  • A Spacious tent with large amount of distance in between beds.
  • Fully ventilated and waterproof tents.
  • Dedicated charging socket.
  • Dedicated cupboard to keep your things.

Shunya Kutir - ₹1500 PPPD

Perfect for the introverts, work from home buddies (virtual workers) and those who want full privacy. You’ll get a private tent with all the necessary accessories including a table and chair for your reading sessions. If you want to experience the Gahan Sadhna for the 45 days, Shunya Kutir is the one for you.


  • Twin sharing tent for you with large space.
  • A clean bed with mattress, pillow and blanket.
  • Fully ventilated and waterproof tents.
  • Dedicated charging socket, table and chair.
  • Dedicated cupboard to keep your things.

Important Notes:

  • Due to covid restrictions, we only have limited spots available.
  • Beds in different Kutir will be alloted on the first come first serve basis.
  • Registrations will be open for all the seekers whether they are Sadhak or not.
  • Anyone above the age of 12 will be able to register.
  • Those willing to stay for the entire duration of Anushthan 2023 will be given the first priority in registration.
  • Registration will be valid from 4th January 2023, 6:00 AM to 18th February 2023, 7:00 PM. Those willing to come and stay before 4th January or stay after 18th February 2023 can register for the same on the spot. Please note that the entry won’t be allowed before 1st January.
  • If you have any query related to Gahan Dhyan Anushthan 2023, visit to get your answers from Gurutattva Volunteers. 

We are heartily inviting you to explore Self, Service and Sadhna with us. See you on the other side!


Gurutattva Volunteers