Join Sankalp

Minimum amount for recurring donation is 100 ₹
Amount will be deducted at same day every month starting with day you select.
Write without country code or any other symbol.
Mandatory for amount greater than 10,000 ₹

Information about Sankalp.

General Instructions

● Sankalp is recurring donation which is automatically debited from your BANK ACCOUNT (Savings or Current), CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD every month at a date specified by you for the duration of period your have pledged.
● We are using e-Mandate technology. e-Mandate is a new payment service that allow anyone with a bank account to easily automate recurring payments.

Options for Recurring donation

● Bank accounts from 36 major Indian banks.
● All American Express network credit cards.
● All Mastercard network credit cards.
● All Visa network credit cards.
● Any debit cards issued in India by 25 major Indian banks.